How To Treat A Diaper Rash?

Are you a worried parent, trying to find out how to treat a diaper rash of your little one? Fretful seeing your baby cry in discomfort? If so, you have landed at the right place! Do not panic, just keep reading.
Diaper rash is a common skin condition that affects babies. This may appear in form of tiny bumps or inflamed skin. The diaper area has bacteria and if not taken proper care of, can cause infections.

Today you will be guided on how to treat a diaper rash the right way, with recommendations for products and how to prevent them from appearing again.
It is very important to first determine the cause of a diaper rash, as you can give the appropriate treatment and relieve your baby from pain.

Causes Of A Diaper Rash :

 Leaving a dirty diaper on for too long:

This is the major and the common cause of a diaper rash. When you leave a wet or a soiled diaper for a long time on your baby, the diaper area develops a lot of bacteria due to the moisture, causing rashes.

 Tight diapers: (treat a diaper rash)

Many parents use tight diapers for their babies to prevent leakage. This causes rashes, as there is no space for airflow and your baby’s skin cannot breathe and is making space for bacteria to thrive.

 Using baby wipes:

Baby wipes belonging to certain brands can cause allergies and lead to rashes. The perfume or soap they contain might not suit your baby’s skin.

Infection due to wetness :

A wet diaper leads to a change in the skin’s pH levels and allows bacteria to grow easily. There are certain substances in diapers that stop them from leaking and
prevent air circulation. This creates a warm, moist environment where bacteria and fungi cause more infection.

A breastfeeding mother taking antibiotics:

If you are a breastfeeding mother who takes any kind of antibiotics, or if your baby is receiving breast milk from a person taking antibiotics, it may also lead to diaper rashes.
These are the most common causes of a diaper rash. As we have seen the causes, now let’s see how to treat it.

Treatments for diaper rash: (treat a diaper rash)

Let your baby’s skin breathe.

Make sure you give your baby ample time without a diaper on. Fix a time like at least an hour during the day. When he or she is free and not wearing a diaper. Instead, you can use waterproof or washable mats for your baby to lie on.

This will help your baby’s diaper area get enough airflow and prevents moisture and bacteria causing rashes.

Frequent change of diapers.

Do not let a wet or a dirty diaper stay on your little one’s skin for too long. Keep checking on them and change the diaper at frequent intervals. Clean the area gently, let it dry for a while, and put on a new diaper.
This will help in keeping the bad bacteria at bay, saving your baby from getting rashes.

Do not use diapers that are too tight as it blocks the airflow and causes discomfort.

Use cloth diapers:

Using cloth diapers will be more helpful as it promotes airflow, helps the skin get sufficient air to stay away from moisture. Moreover, cloth diapers are thin, gentle, and do not contain any kind of chemicals that irritates your baby’s skin.

Keep your baby away from baby wipes:

It is important to keep your baby’s diaper area clean, but baby wipes may worsen the rashes due to the chemicals and perfume they contain. Start using natural wipes that are free from any kind of chemicals and are scent-free.

This will be mild, gentle and will not cause any new rashes.

Clean with warm water:

Using warm water to clean the affected area will help in getting rid of the bacteria. Do not vigorously scrub the area, be gentle, and use mild, chemical-free soap. Pat it dry and keep it clean.

Give a bath daily:

Give a warm water bath to your baby daily until the rashes reduce. This helps in keeping them clean, fresh, and away from bacteria and fungi causing rashes.

Avoid acidic items :

Some people may recommend you to use items of acidic nature to get rid of the infection. They include baking soda, camphor, boric acid, and salicylates. Never take the risk of using such acidic items as they may turn out to be toxic for your babies.

Topical application of chemical-free gels:

Few natural gels can soothe your baby’s skin.
Aloe Vera gel: is a soothing gel that reduces redness and provides relief to irritated skin.
Calendula gel: is derived from marigold flowers and is known for its anti-inflammatory property.
Coconut oil: has antibacterial and antifungal properties and helps in reducing infection.

By using these you can cure your baby’s rashes to a great extent. They act as a barrier between a dirty diaper and your baby’s skin. It is advisable to use gels and oil derived from natural ingredients, rather than using chemical creams.

These are safe to use and will not cause any kind of side effects.

Consulting a pediatrician.

Consult a pediatrician before you apply any ointment that contains chemicals to cure the infection. Do not take the risk of deciding the medicines yourself as it is not safe for your baby.

Visit a doctor if:
 Your baby is having a fever along with rashes.
 The infection is not reducing despite taking all the necessary steps.
 The skin is continuously peeling off.
 Your baby acts abnormally.

Dear parents, diaper rash is quite common and most babies suffer from it. A little extra care and attention towards your little one will cure it. You just have to follow the above-mentioned basic steps and have patience as diaper rashes take time to be cured. Happy parenting!!

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