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Breastfeeding: Sore Nipples: Causes And Cure.

If you are a newbie nursing mom looking for ways to get rid of sore nipples, you are not alone in this. You might be experiencing nipple soreness; crackled nipples, redness, burning sensation, and a lot more. Do not agonize, we have got you covered. Today you will be enlightened about all the details regarding breastfeeding with sore nipples, its causes, and cure.

First of all, as a newbie mother, you must know that nipple soreness is a common condition during the first few weeks after you have delivered your baby. You will experience a stinging pain in your breast, which is completely normal and is necessary as it ensures that your milk ducts are opening leading to milk flow. The pain that you go through during the first few days lasts for 30 to 60 seconds while nursing your child.

Apart from this, you may experience various types of pain that can be cured with few simple steps. To know the relief for sore nipples, it is crucial to know why and how it is caused. Here are the reasons for the cause of sore nipples.

  1. Improper latching: If your baby is not properly hooked to your breast, he or she may not get sufficient milk. As a result of this, your baby gets frustrated and tends to suck your nipples harder. This will leave you with painful and sore nipples.
  2. Sensitivity of nipples: Your nipples are delicate and sensitive especially for about the first four days after your baby’s birth. In addition to this, wearing a tight bra, where your nipples rub against your clothing will worsen the condition resulting in sore and red nipples.
  3. Dry skin: Dry skin is one of the major reasons for sore nipples. This can be due to the usage of soap to wash your nipples or drying your nipples with the help of a hairdryer which leaves the skin dry and flaky.
  4. Blisters or milk blebs: The state where your nipple pore is blocked is called a milk bleb or blister. If you are not feeding your baby frequently and your breasts are full, excess milk gets clogged. This will block your milk flow and leading to sore and painful nipples.
  5. Thrush: Thrush is a yeast infection present in mother’s milk and is common. It may affect both you and your baby. Symptoms of this infection are itchy, red, crusty, and burning nipples. Your baby might have a curd-like coating on his or her tongue, which indicates your baby has thrush too. This may be due to the moist caused by wearing tight bras and stopping the airflow.
  6. Teething: This might start when your baby is three to four months old. Your baby feels the pressure of his or her new baby teeth poking through. To relieve this pressure they start chewing and biting your nipples. This will cause a lot of pain and leads to bleeding and sore nipples.
  7. Pumping out vigorously: Working moms prefer to pump out their milk and store it to feed their baby in their absence. You may sometimes pump vigorously in hurry. A lot of friction and rubbing on your nipples will leave them sore.

Cure For Sore Nipples:

  1. Latch Your Baby Properly: Make sure your baby is properly hooked up to your breast. You should follow proper feeding positions. Hold your baby comfortably where his or her neck and spine do not hurt. The most preferred position is cross-cradle hold, where your baby’s nose and chin touch your breast letting your child effortlessly feeds on.
  2. Take Care Of Sensitivity: Avoid using tight bras that irritate your skin and reduces blood flow. Make use of gel pads or breast shields that stop your nipples from rubbing against your clothing. Using cold or warm compresses before and after breastfeeding will help you relieve the pain.
  3. Keep It Moisturized: Stop using soaps to wash your nipples. Soaps remove the natural moisture leaving your nipples dry. Instead, using plain water will be sufficient. You can express few drops of milk and apply it to your nipples and let it dry out. This can be the best pain relief home remedy for sore nipples as mother’s milk has healing properties and maintains moisture naturally.
  4. Regular Feeding: Are you confused about breastfeeding your baby with your sore nipples? The answer is “yes”. You have to regularly feed your baby (once every 2 to 3 hours) to prevent excess milk from getting stored and clogged. Make sure each time you feed, your breast feels empty and your baby feels full. This helps in curing your sore nipples. Develop a habit of massaging your breasts regularly to prevent milk from clogging and causing pain.
  5. Fix The Teething Problem: Providing your baby with a teething toy will help him or her release the pressure on the toy and not on your nipples. It is painful when your baby chews on your nipple, but during such a situation do not suddenly pull your nipple out of your baby’s mouth. Instead, put the tip of your finger into your baby’s mouth to stop the suction and offer him or her a teething toy.
  6. Usage Of Proper Pumping Equipment: There are different sizes of pumping equipment available in the market. You have to choose the size that is right for you with appropriate suction settings. Practice gentle pumping without hurting your nipples

A sore nipple is a quite common and temporary problem a newbie mom faces. The above-mentioned steps will help you heal it quickly. Despite following all these steps, your pain hasn’t reduced, and then it is advisable to visit your doctor.

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